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The last few weeks have been…a lot. Stressful at times, wonderful at times, completely out of the ordinary. This weekend, I was ready to just be at home, to be in my community and among my people here, to be steeped in the place where I’ve chosen to live.

And gratefully, the weekend delivered. A bonfire on the beach at sunset; a meandering stroll through town; time in my favorite bookstore and a new book of poetry; a night with lovely women, our journals, and martinis; two hikes with different people; a Super Bowl party with friends I have watched with for the last six years; laughter, throughout.

When this morning arrived, I had a hard time getting out of bed. Not, though, because I was dreading the fact that it was Monday; I’m lucky that I look forward to my work. Instead, it was because I was so comfortable, so warm, so cozy in the memories of a weekend that was exactly what I needed.

I hope you had the same, friends. Happy February Monday, wherever you are, from my lovely home to yours.

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