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There’s a quote that I like, something Vincent Van Gogh once wrote, that I’ve been thinking of lately:

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

It’s such a simple statement, and it’s one that really resonates with me. I’ve noticed that I take a lot of pictures of the sky, in particular, and thought I’d share some with you. It’s a foggy day on the coast; seems like a good time to stroll through some pictures full of color.

In any case, this is a quick post, just to say hello on this Friday. I hope you’re headed into a good weekend, and that you have the chance to look up, and soak in some of the beauty that surrounds us. Thanks, Vince, for the reminder.


Baltimore; look at the ways the color blue fades and changes.


Driving into Tennessee, after a rainstorm.


Proof that commuting in the early morning can be lovely.


Seattle boats, on a rare clear(ish) day.


Strolling along in North Carolina, with colors I would never think to put together so casually.


I didn’t know Minnesota was so beautiful before this trip; the water was freezing cold, even in August.


Sunrise in South Carolina; I’m not yet used to the fact that the sun sets over the ocean on this side of the country.

Just another morning in Utah; ho-hum.

Just another morning in Utah; ho-hum.


Late night in Iceland.


Flying through the clouds somewhere in the United States; I usually spend most of my flights staring out the window.


Sunset at the beach.


Watching the sun descend in my mom’s suburban neighborhood.

What a gorgeous world. Enjoy!

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