Mother’s Day Flowers

Yesterday, I went for a walk through my town.


Up and down streets, criss-crossing north to south, back and forth: for an hour, I wandered.


As it always does, walking grounded me, and – as it always does – the very fact of being outside reminded me to shake off my worries and simply be.


I’m not sure if photographing some of what I saw took away from that presence.


I don’t think it did; the beauty just kept revealing itself.


I thought of the flowers I sent to my mom the other day, in honor of Mother’s Day.


She, who was also raised by a woman who appreciated a beautiful garden, taught me words like: lantana, hydrangea, iris.


Now, I think of my mom whenever I see vibrant, complex flowers, with their colors and grace, whether I know their names or not.


Just as I think of her when I am proud or scared, joyful or sad, content or confused; her love crosses a continent for me, every day, and I feel it.


Which makes me one of the most fortunate people on the planet.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.


Thank you for being mine.








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