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Every morning, when I sit down to write, I choose something called an Angel Card from a box on my desk. Each card has a single word on it, and I use those words as a way to invite a particular focus into my day. I prop the chosen card – or two, when they stick together and both need to be seen – up on a small toy helicopter my nephew gave me, and meditate on it throughout the day.


My second job, which runs intermittently for two-month chunks at a time throughout the year, started again this week. I’m already feeling the crunch of time and the need to constantly focus in order to complete everything that I need to do for each of my professional roles. While writing a blog post is probably the last place I should spend time right now  – the list of things I ‘should’ do is plenty long – I am determined not to leave writing by the wayside for the rest of the year.

I pay enough attention to the world’s news to know that working two jobs is not uncommon. I know enough to understand that my two jobs, in particular, are pretty great, most notably in that I like the work itself. To have a sense of fulfillment at work – even in the midst of other things, frustration and exhaustion and uncertainty – is a very privileged thing, and I don’t take it for granted.


Still, what I feel like doing this morning is getting into my car, fresh from my shower and with my hair piled atop my head, and driving south. I’d like to have the ocean by my side and my music blasting, and I’d like to get to a place where I’m unknown, where I’m unreachable, and head out for a hike. I would like to marvel at the things that I find, the debris of nature, and imagine what has been, what might still be, what exists that I know nothing at all about. I’d like to exhaust myself, I’d like to feel the rumbling of my wander in the strength of my legs. I’d like to sleep well tonight because of all that fresh air.

Luckily, there will be time for that, even though it won’t come today.


Just before I sat down to write this – I gave myself 10 minutes to do so – I reached my right hand over and dipped it into the box. Today’s word – Awakening – is a reminder to invite consciousness into that which may go unnoticed. It encourages me to be aware, to maintain connection with those details of my life that I might pass by in the name of some task, in the hurry of some moment.

So I take a deep breath, listen to the sound of cars upon rain-wet streets, tune into my dog’s sleeping sighs, and…begin. I’ll hope to keep the awareness of my world with me as I check the tasks off of my list, remembering to blast my music on my drive to work, remembering to peek at the ocean when I can.

Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s hoping you get exactly what you need today.





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