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A woman wearing a shiny jacket advertising Levittown Bowlympics – an angry ball knocks the hell out of some pins on the back.

Two birds chasing each other around the terminal; occasionally they land upon the large TV screens dotting the area, which is where they sing and consider taking a shit on some unsuspecting traveler.

Jay-Z on the loudspeaker.

(It’s all kind of a lot at 7:00 am after a full, sleepless night of travel.)

The squawking of a baggage handler’s two walkie-talkies; the loud, invisible voices tossing out order after order after order.

Groups A B C and D can board now, boarding to Jacksonville.

Gate 17: final boarding opportunity for the flight to Tampa. Please board immediately for an on-time departure; doors close at 7:12 am.

Missy Elliott, now.

Man with his sweater wrapped around his waist, smacking gum, talking about his sons, one of whom studied in Chile. Who are you, standing there so firm.

Sunrise bright through the window.

A teen with ski boots, in a knit Patriots hat. It’s too early for him; his baby face needs more sleep.

Courtesy boarding for Chicago.

Self-assured teenage girl, calming watching something on an iPad, dressed in all black except for bright blue hiking boots; I find myself wanting those.

Gum man is smacking as he talks about his children’s international ski trips. I am judgey and tired.

Baggage must be supervised at all times. Unattended baggage may be damaged or destroyed.

1105 to Chicago, confining the boarding process.

A sneeze, mine.

A couple leaning over their tiny child, who is adorned in layers of pink frosting.

Shiny Dansko clogs, patterned with flowers.

Seeking 30 volunteers to check luggage; this is a completely full flight, ladies and gentlemen, overhead space is shared space, and is limited.

Sunshine hitting the travelers’ faces, painting them with grace.

The sleepy teen is traveling with the gum man and has a Patriots-branded neck pillow, too. We love what we love.

Bright red Nikes.

A strong Queens accent.



Bags upon bags, hitched to themselves, to each other.

Plaid, flannel.

Brown, ecru, fuchsia.

Doc Martens, a Taylor guitar, brown boots.

Pierced ears, noses

Final boarding opportunity, to Barbados.

Let’s go.

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