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Today, the pace of my life picks up again as my second job gets underway. It’s a good thing, allows me the money to travel and the influence to interact with my profession in a different way; overall, I like it. But it also means less time for wandering and dreaming, a little less openness in my mind for playful times.


When I’m working both my jobs, I often find myself struggling to make time for writing; I find my mind full and my imagination a bit more constrained. My hope for the next couple of months, though, is that I can tend to the things that need tending, but that I don’t limit the definition of those to the things I ‘must’ do. I think it’s better for me to look at what I love to do and put just as much importance on all of that.


So this morning, when thinking about what I wanted to write, I found myself considering the value, yet again, of presence and mindfulness. I thought of the importance of being able to look around and appreciate where I am, what I have, who surrounds me, and what I do, without getting too bogged down in all of the tasks waiting for attention at any given moment.


I found myself thinking of the fact that it’s only January 13, and I’ve already seen things this year that have caught my heart in my throat. I’ve already had conversations that have warmed my whole being. I’ve already laughed so hard that I could barely breathe.


As I look at the day ahead, which promises to be long, I want to also remember that I’m surrounded by loveliness. The beauty of this world is striking, and it’s endless, and it’s ours. For some ridiculous reason, it is right here in front of us, reminding us of where we come from, reminding us – reminding me – to slow down, take a breath, and be grateful, no matter what pulls at our attention, no matter what must get done.


I think that if I can remember to go outside and look up over the next couple of months, if I can pen words that are meant just for me, if I can let my imagination run wild, I’ll do just fine.

My fingers are crossed.


2 comments on “The speed of January

  1. William says:

    You are so lovely. Reading your thoughts makes me feel as if I’m peering into a secret garden, and there’s a party in the grass, while I’m squatting in the mud peaking through the wall.

    1. Anna says:

      What a nice thing to say. Thank you!

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