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The world is upside down and so much is uncertain, but still, life continues. So here are some wonderful things that happened this week:

nY7uduTyQQKL2vaQptEm4QIt rained, and I walked in that rain one day and then the next, socially distancing from the people around me. We need the rain; a busy fire season in the summer and fall sounds like a nightmare. It may happen anyway and we’ll weather that as it comes but still: rain is glorious, and I’ll take it.

I opened a kitchen cabinet and not only did a Cadbury egg fall out (celebration enough!) but it also fell directly into a plant below, tucking itself in between the leaves…as if it knew it was born to take part in an Easter egg hunt! Small miracles are everywhere.

My dog learned how to use a blanket. He did it in such a natural way, too, curling up next to me on the bed and then just falling asleep after I pulled a blanket over us. I am so proud.

The morning light, once the rain stopped, spilled out over the world and tossed itself about in a dastardly attempt to make us all leave our houses. But leave my house I did, escaping to the rays that were so generous and warm.

Oh, I don’t know, friends; perhaps this is all so silly. But we have to find our joy where we find it, and I’m not sure how to stop seeing the world around me. May you find some today, too, no matter how scary things seem at times. There is the other side of this experience, and we are on our way to it. Hang in there.

2 comments on “Little things

  1. Deborah says:

    Cadbury Eggs! Even reading about this brightened my day.

    My husband recently bought a five-pack. Four … disappeared … so that when he asked if he could have the fifth, it was hard to deny him. Ahem.

    As for the joy? I’ve been on Twitter a lot, following folks where it’s all politics and all doom and gloom. I do believe things are hard, but I don’t believe they’re eternally meant to be that way. So I’ll celebrate the small things, knowing many days, these are all there is … and that this is so much better than having nothing at all to celebrate.

    1. Anna says:

      I think the thing I hope the most is that this allows us to encounter each other with compassion moving forward in our lives. Something in that makes me optimistic.

      I hope you’re hanging in there and enjoying those eggs!

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