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A friend recently told me about a photo challenge: take a picture every six minutes while on a walk. The treat of some time alone on a gorgeous afternoon seemed like the perfect chance to try it out.

I tried to pay attention to my thoughts as I walked, tried to jot down what I was thinking when I paused to crouch down or look up. The result is disjointed, but that’s indeed how I work, most of the time. Not everything lines up – life comes as it comes. So with that in mind, here’s a bit of my Saturday, wandering through my town…

It’s heartwarming, I thought to myself, to see young kids wearing masks: they understand the action of caring for others.
And it’s endearing to see teenagers holding hands in that way where it’s obvious those hands are new at holding one another.
I wonder if I’ll find a rainbow in the fog; a real one, not a fogbow. It’s unlikely. There is no rain.
I’m hoping for a picture of a poppy, perhaps taken up close, all while remembering John Steinbeck and those simple, observant sentences he wrote so well.
Maybe I should make studying my baby’s habits a bit more defined. An app? Tracking eating and pooping and sleeping? That seems like something to do. How fun to be curious.
I’d like to get this centered; I wonder if the ocean is even visible. I wish I was standing on its actual edge, away from the path and the people, above the blue and steady waves.
I just saw a scary man who did not seem sober yelling at his dog. He acted like he was going to kick him and now I want to cry.
What do we do to help others, animals included? They’re the angels on this earth. That dog just wanted to be loved. Maybe that’s what the man wanted too; it’s harder to feel like helping him, when he seems so scary.

At the end of my walk, I took one last picture just because I liked it, and that’s the cover photo for this post. I liked the challenge; it gave me a project to attend to while walking and helped me see the world with new eyes. That was because of what I photographed but also because of what I left out; I saw what I wanted to capture in addition to what I actually did zoom in on.

I was surprised that my favorite picture was the second one, taken outside of a bar that has been shuttered for the last year. What are the stories there? Where have all those regulars been hiding?

It isn’t earth-shattering, but there’s no doubt I’ll do this again. I like a day that invites me to see things in a new way, that shows me again that the world is full, that takes me a bit out of my routine and reminds me to be a student of this life. Even surrounded by the everyday, I can still explore.

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