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Sometimes, as I pass people walking the other direction, or who are on their bikes or are in different cars, I wonder what they’re thinking about. Not the main topic, but the many other ideas, memories, fears, hopes, and anxieties running through their mind at any given moment. I always have so many. 

Maybe that’s not how it is for everyone, which truthfully seems kind of nice.

Anyway. In case you are similarly curious about others’ thoughts, here is a list of things I have going through my head this morning: 

1. That I think I’d be a better field hockey player if I played now, as opposed to in high school. Well, not in terms of my energy or ability to quickly rebound from minor injuries. But sometimes, out of nowhere, I’ll remember my coach yelling at me to run to the ball, and I wonder now I what kept me from doing that. What was I afraid of? I think I am fiercer now. 

2. The Wordle. I am on my fourth guess, with four letters. 

3. A podcast I heard recently in which Jerry Seinfeld shared that he has a habit of splashing water on his face when he wakes up and whenever he needs to shift his energy into a different space. 

4. How to get my baby to sleep through the night. 

5. The mystery of why there were two contacts in one side of my holder this morning. This happened yesterday too. I don’t understand. I chose one and stuck it in, letting the other fall to the white porcelain of the sink as I dumped out the solution, knowing it’ll dry there and I’ll throw it away later. It is a strange occurrence, probably one with a simple explanation, yet it seems somewhat sinister. 

6. Which mug to choose for my espresso. Controversial? I chose a mug from the shelf, rather than one that is displayed on the rack; it’s the one usually reserved for melting popcorn butter in the microwave. 

7. My sweet dogs, and how to get them out for some fun beach time today. 

8. Finding a way to re-work yoga into my life. Studio lessons are too expensive – $20 apiece – and anyway, I don’t really want to go indoors. I like online lessons, but my house is too small to play something like that while the baby sleeps. I think. I should try.

There are more, which shall remain unspoken. Who wants to reveal everything? Now to move on with the day: my espresso is ready and the Wordle is waiting. I better splash some water on my face and get going. 

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