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In the last two months, two things have happened that have left me somewhat without words, at least for this blog.

The first is that I got married.

The second is that my country elected, to our highest office, a man who I consider to be inept, untrustworthy, and dangerous.

When I first launched this blog, it was with the intention of documenting my thoughts about traveling and life, some of which was certainly allowed to veer away from the adventure of new places and people. I knew, though, that I wanted to keep those times of meandering off course to some sort of minimum. To do so, I decided to avoid certain topics in this forum, including an excess of details about my personal life, and my political views. I wanted to present myself in a certain light: not untrue to who I am, but also not a completely transparent documentation of my everyday.

This fall, though, that’s really been a challenge for me, and I’m trying now to figure out how to let this space grow. I know, for instance, that I’ve mentioned my engagement on this blog, but I did so mildly. I was conscious of not wanting to focus on it, in my writing or in my life, so aware I have been of the desire to hold true to myself as an individual in the face of becoming (joyfully) part of a permanent couple. Yet failing to write about it – avoiding writing as my way of communicating this unique experience of moving through the world – means that I did not capture or share the moments that surrounded a defining time of my life. And so, moving forward here, I am considering how to acknowledge that which is huge in my life without becoming one-dimensional or self-centered.

Similarly, it seems impossible, at this point, for me to avoid acknowledging that which I think is not ethically or morally right in my country. This isn’t because I wish to complain, but rather is because I feel a strong sense of duty when it comes to speaking out against this incoming administration. I’m keenly aware that I have great privilege in this country, and I am calling upon myself to find ways to embrace that great responsibility that comes with that. To pretend that there won’t be times when what is really happening for me has to do with the political scene is to ignore something real, and that’s not what I’m trying to do here.

Coupled with all of that – which comes down to trying to figure out how to incorporate myself into this blog in a new, intentional, and meaningful way – is the reality that I still want this space to primarily be a place of discovery and introspection, of delight in the world and of appreciating the whole-hearted experience of life. Travel continues to be one of my most closely held joys, and though I cannot explore as freely as I’d like these days, I aim to do more of it, always. When I do, I’ll talk about it here.

And when I don’t, when it feels like I don’t have something particularly light-hearted to say – well, this is my way of saying that I’m going to do more talking about that here, too. It may be uncertain at times, but I’ll do my best to provide something that is still worth your time, and my own.

So, I humbly ask you to please bear with me as I navigate this evolution. As always: thank you so very much for reading. Rest assured, even now, and forever, there are sunsets to behold.






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