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Before even talking about the picture I randomly selected for this fourth day of gratitude, let me talk about the date.

One of my best friends and my brother-in-law share June 9th as a birthday. They are incredible people, two who make me feel like my life is truly a lucky one, and so June 9, 2016 – when the picture below was taken – was already a day to celebrate.

In addition to that, though, this picture – taken from the parking lot at work – says something to me about what I do for a living. I am a counselor, which has always felt to me like such a position of privilege. All day long, I listen to people as they share their stories, tell me about their lives, and place trust in me that I can help them both hold their sorrows and celebrate their closest-held joys. In my professional role, I am amazed by people every single day, and am so grateful that I am in this line of work.

My job, though, is made so much better by the people I work with. My colleagues are incredible: thoughtful, hardworking, dedicated, creative, funny, and kind. I couldn’t do my job well without their support, and also without their friendship. I am consciously thankful for them throughout each day, and know what a gift it is to work with people I both like and respect.

Sometimes, my work is heavy. When I need lightness to balance myself out, I can step outside and have this view, which reminds me of the enormity of beauty in this world. I could not be more grateful for that.

We are complex humans, doing the best we can in a world that is often confusing, sad, or overwhelming. My work reminds me of the importance of connection, both to each other and to nature. It is an honor to do what I do, even when it’s hard, and it is a treasure to find myself working exactly where I am. It is easy to be grateful, here.

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