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I am trying to write more often on here again, though I’m not sure exactly why and I don’t know exactly how. I’ve had this blog for nearly six years, and it turns out that I’m still playing with it.


 One thing I appreciate about it is that it gives me a reason to look at the world through new eyes. I notice what’s happening in a way that’s slightly different than I did before I started writing here. Knowing that readers live elsewhere helps me remember that even though I am often standing in one place, it’s still worthwhile to give into the wonder of that vista.


Today, during the time in which I normally write, I am deep down a rabbit hole of seeking out some flight combination for Thanksgiving that will take us somewhere new, or interesting, on the way home to the DC area. I hadn’t set out to do that, but it turns out that flying directly to Washington is just about as expensive, or more so, than stopping somewhere else along the way. I figure that if we’re going to blow our travel budget on Thanksgiving flights – which, let me be clear, is totally worth it because of the people on the other end – we might as well consider what else we can see along the way.

That means, of course, that my wanderlust is off the charts at the moment. Where to go for a weekend? Vancouver, Chicago, Montreal, Paris? All are suddenly on the table. Mexico? Perhaps. Seattle? Ooh, Key West – maybe I’ll look there next.

In any case, I’m distracted by the possibilities of what could be, though I try on a daily basis to consciously appreciate what actually is. So in that vein, the pictures are all ones I’ve taken in the last week or so here, where I live, where I am lucky to be taken up by the awe of this vista, looking out over the ocean, kneeling down close to the flowers, wondering about the world lying just beyond.

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